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Township of Langley drinking water conservation bylaw 2018 No. 5321 limits lawn watering to one morning per week from May 1 to October 15, consistent with Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan.

Watering additional mornings is only permitted if a property obtains a Water Exemption Permit for the reason of establishing a new lawn, or for application of nematodes for the purpose of treating a lawn affected by the European Chafer Beetle.

Water Exemption Permits are issued to residential and commercial properties when stage 1 restrictions are in effect. A permit is valid for 21 days from the start date, with one possible renewal (new lawns only), and must be displayed at the property. Please note, during stage 2 restrictions, existing Water Exemption Permits shall remain valid until they expire, however, they may not be renewed and new permits will not be issued.

Water Exemption Permit Application Fees are non-refundable and payable at time of application.

  • For new lawns at single unit residential properties the cost is $50
  • For new lawns for multi-family complex common property or non-residential properties the cost is $200

There is no application fee for Water Exemption Permits for Nematode applications to combat European Chafer Beetle infestations.

Questions about Water Exemption Permits can be directed to the Township’s Engineering Division at or 604-532-7300.


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