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Submitting your Request

Prior to submitting your request, note requirements and limitations of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA): 

  • The request must be for records within the custody and control of the Township.  The request cannot be to answer a question; the request is for access to records / documents.
  • The Township has 30 business days to respond and may ask for a longer period if the request required many records or older records that must be retrieved from storage.
  • Fees for locating, retrieving, producing, and preparing the records are $30 per hour for commercial requestors.  Individuals are given three hours free before the $30 per hour rate applies.  Copying paper records is charged at $0.25 per page, while copying from microfiche is $0.50 per page.  If the request is expected to be greater than $50, a written estimate is provided, and a deposit is collected prior to commencement of the record gathering process.
  • Any third-party personal information would typically be severed from all records in accordance with Section 22 of FIPPA, except under circumstances as permitted by the legislation.

Any personal information collected on this form will be managed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Direct enquiries, questions, or concerns regarding the collection, use, disclosure, or safeguarding of personal information associated with this form to: Supervisor, Information, Privacy, and Records Management, Township of Langley, 20338 – 65 Avenue, Langley, BC V2Y 3J1   604.532.7396